Food and Drug Unit

 The Food and Drug Unit of the Office of Public Health regulates a variety of activities and processes pertaining to food, drugs, and cosmetics in the state of Louisiana. Regulated facilities include food-manufacturing facilities; drug-manufacturing facilities; food and drug storage warehouses; ice-manufacturing plants; ice-vending units; bottled water facilities; acidified- and low-acid canned foods processors; food banks; breweries; wineries; wholesale producers of value-added seafood products (such as gumbos and etouffees); beef and poultry product storage warehouses; medical-gas manufacturers and trans-fillers; medical-gas distribution facilities; UV tanning facilities; commercial body art (tattooing, permanent makeup, and body piercing) facilities; and water-vending units.

Please note that for assistance with retail operations like restaurants and grocery stores, you must contact your local parish health unit sanitarian.


cane trucks in Lafourche
Trucks unloading raw sugarcane for processing at a Louisiana sugar mill.


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  Current Food/Drug/Cosmetic Product Recalls

 Note that there is a new active recall as of 2/7/2017. Click the link for additional information. 


  Special Note About Alcohol Product Registrations  

Fast Facts

  • Food and Drug Unit inspectors conduct over 2,446 inspections of food, drug, cosmetic, UV tanning, and commercial body art facilities in FY 2016.
  • FDU inspectors conduct inspections on behalf of the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as part of the Federal Inspection Program (FIP) contract.
  • Staff members issue thousands of export certificates and certificates of free sale annually.