Milk and Dairy Unit

There are 3 certified farm, plant and tanker inspectors headquartered in the Florida Parishes and 6 inspectors who are primarily Food and Drug Unit inspectors who have also cross-trained in Milk and Dairy work. We currently have two candidates in training to become State Rating Officers for the MDU. The Milk and Dairy Unit permits and inspects dairy farms, dairy plants, powdered milk plants, condensed milk plants, frozen dessert manufacturers, dairy product depots, bulk milk transport vehicles, milk hauler/samplers and milk receivers in the state.

When it comes to safe milk production, everything begins with the cow. If the dairy cow is not healthy and the udders and milking equipment are not clean when milking begins, the quality of the milk will go down, sometimes dramatically.



Highlighted Facts

  • In Louisiana there are 111 Grade "A" dairy farms and a growing number of small producer-processor operations.
  • There are four fluid milk-processing plants.
  • Louisiana dairy farms produce 1,500,000 pounds of milk per day (174,418 gallons).
  • Louisiana fluid milk processing plants package 3,000,000 pounds of milk per day (348,837 gallons).

In addition:

  • The program participated in the bi-annual National Conference for Interstate Milk Shipments in May 2017.
  • Currently the program follows the 2015 Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO)

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