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Community Choices Waiver

Beginning October 1, 2011 a new program is replacing the Elderly and Disabled Adult (EDA) Waiver.  The new program is called Community Choices Waiver.  All of the services that are in the EDA Waiver are in the Community Choices Waiver. Plus the new waiver has several new services. 

PARTICIPANTS:  You can still get the same type of services you have now or you can replace some of those services with the new services.  Many of the new services are meant to help you be safer and more independent in your home.  We are still working to get providers for some of the new services, so some of them may not be available to you in your area right now.  Your support coordinator will tell you more about this change.

PROVIDERS:  This does not affect the services you currently provide to EDA Waiver recipients.  You will not be required to re-enroll to continue to provide the same services.

Click on the documents below for more information about this change.

If you are a Community Choices Support Coordinator, you may click on the links below to access forms and information.

Community Choices Waiver - PowerPoints

Community Choices Waiver - Required Forms

Community Choices Waiver - Job Aids

Community Choices Waiver - Informational Handouts

Community Choices Waiver - Reference

If you are a Home Health Agency, you may click on the links below to access forms and information.